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Melania Trump Blast the Mainstream Media over ‘Biased’ Attacks

In a recent interview that she gave to Fox News Channel at her home in Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, the former first lady Melania Trump discussed her experiences working in the Oval Office. Melania Trump served in the capacity of the first lady from 2017 to 2018.

During the interview conducted recently, which had been aired on FNC’s Fox & Friends Weekend, she was questioned about how she coped with criticism from the media industry and the disparity in intervention between her and representatives of the Biden administration, which Fox’s Pete Hegseth highlighted was already covered on magazine named Vogue.

Former First Lady Melania Trump referred that the media was “biased” and also stated that it was “clearly evident” that the media did not even like her as a First Lady. In addition to this, she added that it was “clear” that they had a negative opinion of her spouse. She invited those who disagreed with her statements to “help their local community” or to engage in her Foster the Future program.

Trump responded, “They’re biased.” “They have likes and dislikes as well.” It’s also really evident. And I believe the American people, as well as everyone else, see it. It was their decision, and I have far more important things to accomplish than be on the cover of Vogue, which I did in the White House.”

“Everything I do attracts criticism, and I’m used to it,” she continued. “I move forward, and my mission is to assist the people. I would advise anyone who criticizes me to serve their own community or join the Foster the Future project.”

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