Why Donald Trump was America’s Greatest One-Term President

Whatever you think of President Trump, he got things done while he was in office.His antagonists in the deep state and the dishonest ‘mainstream’ media manufactured several of his scandals.

President Trump forged historic Middle East peace treaties, slashed regulations and taxes, restructured immigration, renegotiated trade deals, passed long-awaited criminal justice reform, and stacked the federal judiciary with conservatives at a record pace.

Meanwhile, President Trump launched an extraordinary effort to create vaccines in less than a year, even as the COVID-19 pandemic wrecked the economy and cost him reelection.

Many feel changing the courts will be his lasting legacy.

Trump appointed 226 federal judges in four years, including three Supreme Court justices, with the support of Kentucky Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. In eight years, Obama appointed 320 judges and Clinton 367.

While the Supreme Court gets most of the attention, the 13 federal appeals courts are even more vital. This is one less than President Obama appointed in two terms, although he “flipped” three courts from Democratic to Republican.

The federal circuit courts, below the Supreme Court, typically play significant roles in employment law, environmental policy, and restraining the power of the bureaucratic state.

Others consider Trump’s substantial reduction of regulations and tax cuts for corporations among his greatest achievements.

President Trump also favored the Second Amendment and was pro-life, two ‘qualities’ not shared by Democrats.

One of the reasons Donald Trump was appreciated by his own party for four years was his willingness to talk about what they desired for a generation. He started doing things when he had the power. He was a doer.

Written by Staff Reports

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