One of the Lowest Points in Kevin McCarthy’s Life

One of the individuals who helped cost House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy a vote was Florida's Byron Donalds. Donalds, who had been a loyal supporter of McCarthy, joined the other 19 Republican members in supporting Jordan.

Following the vote, Donalds said that McCarthy did not have the necessary support. He also stated that he would back him for two votes. However, as of now, no one has the necessary number of votes. The House Republican Conference needs to find a new leader.

Donald Trump stated that nobody benefits from the ongoing votes. As soon as the dust has settled, the House Republican Conference should start discussing and reaching an agreement regarding a new leader.

The race for House speaker started with a second and third vote, which was the first time in a century that such a process had happened. Since McCarthy did not have the necessary number of votes, he was not able to secure the majority on the first two ballots.

Some of the Republicans who voted against McCarthy were Andy Biggs of Arizona and Jim Jordan of Ohio. Out of the 434 votes cast, only 6 went to Jordan. Some of the other members who voted against McCarthy were Byron Donalds of Florida and Andrew Gillum of Arizona.

The second vote for House speaker was held on Tuesday following McCarthy's failed attempt. Those who voted against him will either be forced to support him or abstain from participating in the next election.

In both instances, House Democrats showed their unwavering support for Hakeem Jeffries, a New York representative. If McCarthy were to win the majority of the seats held by Republicans, he would need to secure at least 218.

Following the first vote, Jordan delivered a speech in support of McCarthy. He then asked the Republican members to come together.

Jordan noted that the differences between the left and the right were greater than those between him, Joyce, Donalds, and Biggs. He urged the members to come together and support McCarthy.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida was one of the individuals who proposed Jordan.

According to Gaetz, the best candidate for House speaker would not be someone who has been selling shares of their own for a long time to get into this position.

He said that Jim Jordan would be the best candidate for House speaker because he was not tied to special interests or lobbyists. Under the leadership of both Democrats and Republicans, Gaetz said that the country had been ruined.

During the second round, the supporters of Andrew Gillum of Arizona switched their votes to Jordan. Despite this, McCarthy was still able to secure 19 votes.

The House members met at around 4 p.m. to hold a third vote for the speakership. As of the time this story was written, the name of the next House speaker was not known.

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