OOF! Biden Dementedly Claims there are 54 States in the USA…

Joe Biden has once again become the subject of discussion on social media due to yet another slip of the tongue.

In his speech at a Democratic Party event in Pennsylvania, Biden claimed that he had visited 54 states in 2018 to defend the Affordable Care Act.

During his speech, Biden claimed that the Trump administration had wanted to replace the Affordable Care Act. However, the Democrats fought hard to prevent this from happening.

In addition, Biden noted that the Democrats were able to defeat the Trump administration’s efforts in 2018 by visiting 54 states.

He said that people didn’t realize that the Affordable Care Act prevented people with pre-existing conditions from going without health insurance. He also warned that the law’s protections would be removed if the Republicans were to get their way.

After the video of Biden’s speech went viral, social media users criticized the President for his latest mistake.

One user noted that Biden had claimed that there were 54 states. However, if one takes a look at the various states of confusion and delusion caused by the Biden administration, one might conclude that he was on to something.

Written by Staff Reports

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