Liberal Mayor Gives Herself A Raise As Her City Literally Burns

After years of neglecting her constituents, the country's worst mayor is now awarding herself the most ill-deserved salary ever.

There is no need to introduce this mayor because Lori Lightfoot is without a doubt the worst in the nation. Every single thing she could fail at, she has already failed at. Her failings range from woke policies to eliminating journalists like William Kelly from the press pool to terrible violence, murder rates, shootings, police evacuating the city. She apparently believed that she deserved more money for working so hard to only be miserable.

Over 50 people were shot over the weekend in the city of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, 11 of them fatally. Meanwhile, Lightfoot is considering raising her own pay in recognition of the fantastic job she does maintaining resident safety. According to the ordinance, she is currently paid $209,915, and by May 2023, that amount will rise to $216,210. Every year that Lightfoot is in office, her salary will increase by 5%; this is not a one-time thing. When the raise turns too political, she can always choose not to accept it.

On Monday night, a liberal alderman from Chicago denounced the city's crime wave and even questioned the necessity of calling the police. Democrat George Cardenas represents the 12th Ward of Chicago as an alderman. In February 2021, Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, named him to the position of deputy floor leader in the City Council.

His allegiance to Lightfoot did not stop him from criticising the rise in crime in Chicago, though. As crime has increased sharply in recent years as a result of Lightfoot's ridiculous liberal policies that give the perpetrators preferential treatment over the victims, she has come under heavy fire.

Since taking office, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been a dismal failure. Chicago is a mess, with high crime, frequent shootings, and a deteriorating economy. By enacting woke policies that further alienate locals, lightfoot has done nothing to help the situation and has instead made it worse. lightfoot is now giving herself a raise, despite the fact that she has failed on every single issue. This only serves to highlight how disconnected Lightfoot is from the group she is meant to be speaking for. lightfoot needs to be removed from office, and someone who actually cares about the city of Chicago needs to be elected in her place. Lightfoot constantly brags about her accomplishments, yet she is so terrible at her job even extreme leftists are calling her out for the failure she is.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Next News Source.

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