Outrageous! Hillary Demands Brainwashing of Trump Supporters on Live TV!

In a recent interview with CNN, Hillary Clinton offered a rather Orwellian response to the question of why there is still a strong level of support for former President Donald Trump within the GOP. She suggested that the only solution to rid the opposing party of MAGA is a “formal deprogramming” of its members. Clinton, known for her incendiary rhetoric, has a history of belittling Trump and his supporters.

Echoing her previous description of Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” Clinton once again used derogatory language to refer to the MAGA movement as a “cult.” According to Clinton, Trump has a grip on the emotional and psychological needs of a portion of the population, which is why they continue to support him. She theorized that his negative and nasty form of politics resonates with them.

Clinton expressed her hope that President Joe Biden will be the savior who defeats Trump and ends the MAGA movement. She believes that if Biden wins, it will break the momentum of the supposed cult and allow Republicans to focus on issues and elect responsible and accountable leaders.

It is clear from Clinton’s remarks that she still holds a deep animosity towards Trump and his supporters. Her suggestion of “deprogramming” reveals her disdain for those who hold different political views. While she may dismiss Trump’s credibility, it is important to note that he garnered significant support and achieved many policy successes during his presidency.

Overall, Clinton’s comments reflect the divisive and condescending attitude that has come to characterize the Democratic Party. Rather than engaging in respectful and constructive dialogue with those who hold different viewpoints, Clinton resorts to name-calling and attempts to label Trump supporters as part of a cult. This type of rhetoric only serves to further divide the country and does nothing to address the concerns and aspirations of millions of Americans who support Trump and his policies.

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