Outrageous! Oregon School’s Transgender Violence Response Shakes Conservative Core!

A shocking and disturbing video went viral, showing a male student who identifies as female violently attacking a female student at Hazelbrook Middle School in Oregon. The footage is truly sickening, as the male student surprises the girl, forcefully grabbing her hair and throwing her to the ground before repeatedly punching her. It’s truly heartbreaking to watch the girl sobbing and struggling to breathe after the attack.

But what’s even more outrageous is the response from the school district. Their statement is filled with weasel words and attempts to appease those who should have no expectation of being defended in this situation. Instead of focusing on the victim and condemning the violent student, the district spends most of its statement defending the very person responsible for the attack.

The district’s mention of “inclusivity, diversity, and respect” at the end of their statement is a complete slap in the face to the girl who was violently assaulted. It’s clear that they care more about appearing politically correct than actually addressing the real issue at hand – a male student violently attacking a female student.

And let’s not forget about the district’s assertion that there is “false information” being spread. What exactly are they referring to? It seems like they’re trying to divert attention away from the fact that a male student committed a violent act against a female student. This is just another example of how the left is more concerned with protecting their own narrative than with addressing the truth.

It’s truly disgraceful that this is the response we’re getting from a school district. The parents of the girl who was attacked deserve better. They deserve justice and a school district that takes their concerns seriously. Unfortunately, in Oregon, it seems like political correctness trumps everything else.

Written by Staff Reports

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