Party in Peril: GOP Trades Conservatism for Transactional Politics

Republicans Are Becoming More Transactional Than Conservative, and It’s Killing the Party

In this article, Joe Cunningham argues that Republicans are becoming more transactional than conservative, and it’s hurting the party. According to Cunningham, politics has always involved a certain level of transaction, where politicians barter and trade to ensure that their interests are represented in policy. However, the transactional nature of politics has usually been in the service of one’s ideology. Cunningham believes that the Republican Party is increasingly prioritizing self-interest over conservative values.

Cunningham compares the Democratic Party, which he says puts ideology above all else, to the Republican Party. While both parties engage in transactional politics, he argues that Republicans are taking a more transactional approach without a strong ideological foundation. He gives the example of Kevin McCarthy, who he describes as the “ultimate transactionalist.” According to Cunningham, McCarthy’s political career was built on making deals and forming alliances, but each deal weakened his position and ultimately led to his downfall.

Cunningham also criticizes Congressman Matt Gaetz for his transactional approach. He accuses Gaetz of seeking support from Democrats to get rid of McCarthy while attacking McCarthy for seeking Democratic support for the clean CR. Cunningham argues that these transactional behaviors undermine conservative ideals and the party’s ability to advance its agenda.

In addition, Cunningham criticizes Donald Trump for his transactional tendencies. He alleges that Trump only endorsed individuals like Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan when they were in power and abandoned them when they were on the way out. Cunningham argues that Trump’s transactional approach hinders his ability to stand on principle and advance conservative values.

Overall, Cunningham believes that the increasing transactionalism within the Republican Party is detrimental to conservative ideas and hinders the party’s ability to move forward. He argues that Republicans must prioritize conservative principles over selfish ambition in order to succeed.

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