Biden’s Union Blunders: Rejected Rail Deal, Auto Strikes, Massive Defections

President Joe Biden may think he’s the most pro-union president ever, but it seems like the union members themselves aren’t feeling the love. Biden’s efforts to champion rail worker unions fell flat when union members rejected a compromise deal that he had touted as a victory. This just shows that Biden is more interested in making himself look good than actually supporting the working class.

But it doesn’t stop there. Biden’s so-called “green” energy agenda has spooked auto workers, who are now on strike demanding job security and higher pay. It’s no surprise that workers in the auto industry are feeling the effects of Biden’s policies, as fewer jobs are needed to build electric vehicles and many of the jobs in the EV supply chain are located outside of the U.S. Biden’s grand plans for a green revolution are leaving American workers high and dry.

While all of this chaos is happening, public-sector unions are losing members left and right. Despite the president’s attempts to convince Americans of the benefits of unions, more and more government employees are choosing to leave their unions. The Freedom Foundation, for example, helped 13,000 public-sector employees leave their unions in just one quarter. That’s $13 million in dues that would have gone to fund Democrat campaigns, but now it’s staying in the pockets of hardworking Americans where it belongs.

This record-setting number of union defections is a clear sign that people are tired of being forced to fund union activity as a condition of employment. The Freedom Foundation is doing important work in helping people exercise their constitutional rights and keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. It’s about time someone stood up to the bloated, ideological government unions that do nothing but line the pockets of union bosses.

In the end, Biden’s supposed support for unions is nothing but empty rhetoric. He may talk a big game, but his actions tell a different story. The working class deserves a president who will actually fight for their rights and put America first. Sadly, that’s not what we’re getting with Joe Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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