Pelosi Dismisses Kennedy Jr, Smears IRS Whistleblowers in Wild Rant

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, known for her colorful language and ability to dodge questions, took aim at the recent IRS whistleblower testimony with her signature style. Appearing on CNN’s ‘State of Confusion’ with host Dana Bash, Pelosi wasted no time in dismissing the hearings and labeling them as a “ridiculous clownshow.”

During the interview, Bash asked Pelosi if she believed politics played a role in the slow progress of the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden. Pelosi responded by belittling the entire hearing, calling it a “clownshow” orchestrated by Republicans. She found it necessary to mock Robert Kennedy Jr., who was present at the hearing to discuss Big Tech censorship, highlighting his claim of being censored while speaking at a congressional hearing.

When Bash tried to clarify the mention of Robert F. Kennedy, Pelosi brushed it off, reminding her that there were many Kennedys to keep up with. Despite Bash’s attempt to address the issue at hand, Pelosi diverted the conversation to the political affiliation of the U.S. attorney involved in the Hunter Biden investigation, emphasizing that he was a Trump appointee.

Pelosi made it clear that she was not confident in the testimony given by the IRS whistleblowers, dismissing their claims as merely their own opinions. She seemed unbothered by the fact that serious allegations of corruption, supported by verified evidence, were being brought forward. Instead, she chose to attack the messengers and downplay the potential threat to national security.

The fact that Pelosi would resort to name-calling and deflecting rather than addressing the legitimate concerns raised by the IRS whistleblowers speaks volumes about her priorities. It’s disappointing to see an elected leader diminish serious allegations of corruption, especially when they involve someone connected to the President. But hey, what else is new? This is just business as usual for partisan Democrats like Pelosi.

Written by Staff Reports

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