Squad’s Cori Bush in $30k Hubby Security Scandal: Defund Police Advocate Exposed!

In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Representative Cori Bush, a member of the notorious Squad and self-proclaimed champion of the defunding the police movement, has been funneling tens of thousands of dollars into her husband’s pockets for private security. Talk about double standards!

Despite her vocal support for dismantling law enforcement agencies and diverting funds elsewhere, Bush seems to have no problem splurging a whopping $30,000 on her husband, Courtney Merritts, for security services in just the first half of this year. That’s a whole lot of hypocrisy right there.

Now, let’s not forget that Bush is a proud member of Black Lives Matter, an organization that has been preaching about the need for systemic change and an end to police brutality. But apparently, when it comes to her own safety and well-being, all those lofty ideals go flying out the window. It’s quite convenient, isn’t it?

It is worth mentioning that Bush has justified these exorbitant expenses by claiming that she has been targeted in the past and has “too much work to do.” Well, Ms. Bush, isn’t that the same excuse most Americans have for needing a well-funded and effective police force? But I suppose your safety is more important than ours.

What makes this whole situation even more absurd is that while Bush was busy lining her husband’s pockets, her campaign was also shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to a security firm called PEACE Security. So not only is she contradicting her own defunding rhetoric, but she’s also supporting a company that hires military and law enforcement personnel, the very people she claims to be against. The hypocrisy knows no bounds.

It’s time for Representative Cori Bush to face some serious accountability for her actions. She can’t just preach one thing and do the exact opposite. If she truly believes in defunding the police, then she should lead by example and put her own safety at risk. But we all know that won’t happen because, like so many other politicians, she believes in rules for thee but not for me.

This isn’t the first time Bush has been called out for her outrageous behavior. Just last year, during an interview with CBS News, she had the audacity to claim that she still needed private security while pushing for the defunding of the police. Talk about entitlement! Well, Ms. Bush, the American people have had enough of your hypocrisy. It’s time for you to “suck it up” and start practicing what you preach.

Written by Staff Reports

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