Pelosi Shields Biden’s Brain, Trashes Trump Instead!

On Monday’s episode of CNN’s “Ac360,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) jumped to the defense of President Joe Biden, criticizing Special Counsel Robert Hur’s comments about Biden’s mental sharpness. Pelosi dismissed concerns about Biden’s age, claiming that people make mistakes and that age is relative. She insisted that Biden is “very sharp” mentally and emphasized that everyone makes mistakes, downplaying any concerns about Biden’s occasional slip-ups.

Pelosi took the opportunity to compare Biden’s occasional mistakes to former President Trump’s alleged intentional lies. She argued that Trump repeatedly made the same mistake, emphasizing that Biden’s slip-ups are insignificant compared to Trump’s alleged dishonesty. Pelosi also took a jab at Hur’s professionalism, suggesting that it was unprofessional for him to assess Biden’s age and mental acuity.

Furthermore, Pelosi attempted to redirect the focus by bringing up Trump’s past depositions, claiming that he said “I don’t know” over 1,000 times. She insinuated that Biden’s occasional forgetfulness pales in comparison to Trump’s alleged frequent denials during depositions. Pelosi criticized the report for delving into personal aspects and implying that it unfairly targeted Biden.

In typical partisan fashion, Pelosi ended her remarks with a call to action, asserting that they should not dwell on the issue but instead focus on organizing. This biased interpretation of Pelosi’s comments undermines any concerns about Biden’s mental sharpness and dismisses criticism as a partisan attack on the president.

Written by Staff Reports

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