Univision Anchor RIPS Biden’s Ignorance Of The Border Crisis

An anchor from Spanish-language network Univision criticized Biden for not addressing the border crisis.

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Despite the situation at the border getting worse, Joe Biden has chosen not to address it. A Latino news anchor went on a rant about Biden's decision not to visit the border while he was in Phoenix.

Satcha Pretto of Despierta America interrupted the news program of Spanish-language network Univision, which usually features melodramatic coverage of the border crisis. She criticized Biden for not visiting the border while he was in Arizona.

Ely Gonzalez, a reporter, started her report by using the word "chaos" to describe the situation at the border.

"According to Gonzalez, the word "chaos" refers to the situation at the border. She cited an example of a DHS official who referred to the massive amount of migrants that had overwhelmed the immigration agencies."

The end of the Title 42 restrictions, which were imposed during the pandemic, is expected to result in a larger wave of immigrants.

The following is a glimpse of the response of Satcha Pretto and Gonzalez to Biden's failure to address the border crisis.

This is the first time that a Latino reporter has criticized the situation at the border. It shows that Republicans aren't completely heartless when it comes to addressing the immigration issue.

Regardless of one's background, Americans should be outraged by the way these illegal migrants are entering the country. They are ruining the lives of the people who came here legally and waited years to become citizens.

In 2022, over a million immigrants were able to become citizens in the U.S., making it the third-highest total in history, according to a report released by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The agency reported that almost a million people took the oath of allegiance during ceremonies held in various locations across the country in the 12 months ending September 30.


Historical government data indicated that the number of adults who became citizens in the U.S. increased significantly in 1996 and 2008.

It is shameful that the current administration is rewarding illegal immigrants who cross the border illegally with incentives when almost 1 million people have already become citizens through legal means within the last year. By doing this, the government is sending a message that it is acceptable to enter the country illegally.

It's heartbreaking to see how many people who went through the process of becoming citizens were met with obstacles that included financial hardship, sleep deprivation, and endless paperwork. It's also outrageous that almost 5 million illegal immigrants can easily “waltz in” without facing these kinds of challenges.

It is also shameful that the government is rewarding those who cross the border illegally instead of those who did it the right way. This shows an incredibly reckless example.

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