Pence Slams Trump, Won’t Pardon Rioters, Fights to Save America on 64th Birthday!

Former Vice President Mike Pence made an appearance on CNN’s town hall on June 7. Despite being his 64th birthday, Pence was adamant about sharing his thoughts on the current state of the country. Pence, a staunch believer of the Constitution, claimed that he will never forgive Donald Trump for suggesting that the vice president had the power to overturn the election. He firmly believes that anyone who puts themselves above the Constitution should never be president in the first place. Pence also believed that those who participated in the January 6 riot should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and he will not pardon them if elected president.

Pence’s strong views did not stop there. Along with advocating for pro-life beliefs, Pence believes that the country is in a lot of trouble, especially on issues like inflation and foreign policy. He implies that the Democrats have failed to solve these issues, and only experienced leaders who believe in conservative principles will be able to do so. Pence claims he has a responsibility to step forward and bring about a real change in the nation.

On the topic of Ukraine, Pence positions himself far away from Trump as he calls the Russian invasion of Ukraine an unprovoked one and aggression on Russia’s part. He believes the US should provide the courageous soldiers in Ukraine with the resources they need to repel that Russian attack and restore the nation’s territorial integrity. Although he sides with Trump on the Mar-A-Lago documents case, Pence attacks the corrupt Department of Justice’s two-tiered rule of law system. He believes indicting former President Trump would send a “terrible message to the world.”

Despite Pence’s commendable opinions, his chances of securing the GOP nomination are slim, currently standing at 3.8%, while Trump and Ron DeSantis lead with 53.2% and 22.4% respectively. While he has always been viewed as an amicable individual, some say he lacks the buzz and electricity required for one to become a presidential candidate. Although RedState understands that the former Vice President’s chance is meager, they vow to cover all Republican candidates, and time will tell just how important Pence will be in the future.

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