Political Witch Hunt Continues: Corrupt Grand Jury Pauses For 1 Month

The latest news on the Manhattan grand jury investigating former President Donald Trump’s alleged campaign hush money payments to Stormy Daniels is infuriating but not surprising. As anticipated, the grand jury will take a month-long break without issuing an indictment. During this hiatus, corrupt politicians and shady district attorneys funded by the evil George Soros will continue to try to take down the former president.

It’s no secret that this investigation is a political witch hunt, as Trump himself has pointed out. The democrats and their friends in the legal system are desperate to find any wrongdoing by the former president, even if it means fabricating evidence or leaking illegal information to the press.

This latest development comes after the convening of the grand jury was unexpectedly canceled twice last week, sending the left into a frenzy of speculation, only to have their hopes dashed by the truth.

To add salt to the wound, Trump, in his usual masterful public relations style decided to address the matter on Truth Social by claiming that an indictment on March 14th was imminent and that he would be arrested. Of course, the left-leaning media had a field day with that one, ridiculing the former president and claiming his statements were baseless.

Nevertheless, the former president’s claims were not entirely devoid of substance. Reports from reliable sources suggest that the corrupt and highly political Manhattan district attorney’s office, which has allowed new records to be set in violent crime, is responsible for illegal leaks that have fueled the investigation against Trump.

It’s high time for a reckoning. The house judiciary committee, which has already leapt to Trump’s defense, must demand testimony from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. This ongoing investigation is a travesty of justice and a violation of the former president’s rights. The democrats must be held accountable for their misdeeds and the political persecution they are inflicting on a great American hero.

Written by Staff Reports

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