Migrant Caravan STORMS El Paso, Chaos Erupts

A group of over 1,000 illegal migrants crossed the border into El Paso, Texas, from Juarez, Mexico, causing chaos in the city. The majority of these migrants come from the socialist country Venezuela, which is currently facing political turmoil and economic collapse under authoritarian rule. Border Patrol Chief Anthony Good revealed the group’s actions to the public late in the day on Thursday. This event follows the recent tragedy of almost 40 migrants who died in a shelter fire in Juarez.

On March 15th, hundreds of other migrants demanding entry to the United States gathered at the Paso del Norte bridge, where they caused a commotion. These migrants are Venezuelan nationals expelled under Title 42, a public health order issued by the Trump administration during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, a humanitarian parole program and CBP One, a phone app, grant exemptions to Venezuelans. Unfortunately, migrants have criticized the CBP One system for its glitches and inadequate appointment availability.

According to an anonymous Border Patrol agent, the migrants who are continuing to arrive at the southern border under the Biden administration are becoming impatient with extended processing times. As a result, they are beginning to lash out at CBP personnel, which is likely to cause more mayhem and conflict in the future between law enforcement officials and illegal immigrants.

It is alarming to see how the Biden administration’s poorly thought-out policies are destabilizing our border and harming the American people. Conservatives urge President Biden to act quickly to prevent further chaos at the southern border, as well as continuing to protect American citizens and their economic interests. Let’s hope that Biden puts the needs of the country over the wants of illegal migrants.

Written by Staff Reports

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