Poll: Most Voters Wary of Exposing Kids to Trans Movement

According to a recent poll conducted by and McLaughlin and Associates, a majority of voters in the general election are worried about children being exposed to the transgender movement through various channels, such as school curriculums, social media, and drag queen shows. Out of the 917 voters who were surveyed and had an opinion on the matter, 41% expressed significant concern and anger, while about 30% indicated they were somewhat concerned and upset. Moreover, 71% of the 826 respondents stated they supported holding pharmaceutical companies and doctors legally accountable for any adverse side effects resulting from the promotion of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors seeking gender transition.

Teachers are being encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to become transgender activists through their involvement in Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs and by using trans-inclusive language. In addition, the College of the Redwoods (CR) in California recently revealed its plan to host a "family-friendly" drag show in April after canceling the CR Queer Student Union's previously planned "Roaring '20s Drag Event" in January.

Several states have taken steps to safeguard minors against the possible negative consequences of hormone therapy due to the transgender movement. In October, the Florida Board of Medicine voted to prohibit hormone therapy for individuals under 18 years old, while Tennessee has banned such treatments for prepubescent children. Although Texas, Alabama, and Arkansas have enacted laws to limit transgender hormone usage for minors, they have encountered legal challenges from federal authorities.

The promotion of the transgender movement to children through different means like school curriculums, social media, and drag queen shows is a worrying trend. We need to safeguard our children from the possible negative consequences of hormone therapy, which is why it is reassuring to witness states taking measures to limit transgender hormone use for minors. Nevertheless, it is disconcerting that these laws are encountering legal challenges from the federal government. It is our responsibility as parents and community members to guarantee the safety and well-being of our children from any potential harm.

Written by Staff Reports

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