Poll Shows 72% Doubt Biden’s Fitness for Presidency; Trump Gains Ground

Look out, America; it turns out the emperor might not be wearing any clothes. In the latest wake-up call to the Democratic establishment, a CBS News/YouGov poll revealed that a stunning 72% of respondents don’t believe Joe Biden has the cognitive chops to serve as president. This figure has shockingly surged from 65% pre-debate, suggesting that poor ol’ Joe’s recent disaster on the debate stage didn’t do him any favors.

Is anyone really surprised, though? The man who once referred to himself as “Joe Biden’s husband” has become a nightly gaffe machine, making everyone question just how much he’s really in control over the Oval Office. And let’s be honest, when 72% of the American public says Biden shouldn’t be running for another term, it’s not a good sign for the “big guy.” Among Democrats, 46% also don’t want him to grace the campaign trail again, up from 36% in February. There’s an obvious common denominator: Biden’s age is a major factor for 86% of those opposed to his run, while issues like his decision-making abilities and his lackluster presidential record also loom large.

Now, some of you might be wondering about Trump. Well, guess what? Despite the mainstream media’s efforts to undermine him, Trump isn’t doing all that badly. Sure, 49% of those polled have concerns about Trump’s mental capabilities, but compared to Biden’s overwhelming unpopularity, that number looks pretty rosy. The poll shows that a majority of Republican voters are still firmly behind him, believing he should run again. 


Trump’s debate performance gave his supporters plenty to cheer about. Almost half of the respondents believe Trump was the one who most clearly laid out his ideas; he even edged out Biden in seeming more presidential and inspiring confidence. It appears a healthy chunk of America still values straightforwardness and strength over whatever it is Biden’s offering.

Even on truthfulness—an angle the Democrats love to hammer—Biden only managed to score 40% of voter confidence, barely scraping past Trump’s 32%. Funny how “truthful” seems to be a moving target, depending on which party you ask.

If one thing’s clear, it’s that November is fast approaching, and voters are waking up, paying more attention to this critical presidential race. With 59% of those polled indicating they’re now thinking a lot about the upcoming election, one thing’s for sure: the stakes are higher than ever, and Biden’s sagging approval ratings are a definite indication that the American public is ready for a real change. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride to November.

Written by Staff Reports

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