DNC in Denial as Biden Flounders, Members Feel Gaslit After Debate Disaster

The Democratic National Committee’s private pep talk turned into a full-blown fiasco as members felt gaslit over President Biden’s rather embarrassing performance during the recent presidential debate in Georgia. DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison and Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chavez hosted the call, which conveniently sidestepped the elephant in the room—Biden’s dismal showing on stage.

Colorado DNC member Joe Salazar expressed his frustrations afterward, lamenting that the call felt like an empty cheerleading session rather than a serious discussion about Biden’s weak performance. Salazar and others on the call were left scratching their heads, feeling as though they were being gaslit by party leaders who refused to confront the reality that millions witnessed on national television. 


Adding to the comedy of errors, Biden’s campaign quickly declared that the president would remain in the race despite the growing chorus suggesting he might want to reconsider. A CNN flash poll didn’t mince words, showing a whopping 57% of voters left with zero confidence in Biden’s ability to lead post-debate.

Contrast that with reactions to former President Donald Trump, who, despite being accused of his usual fabrications, was widely regarded as the debate’s clear winner. The Biden campaign’s attempt to spin the narrative with a memo from senior adviser Jen O’Malley Dillon fell flat, trying to sell the idea that Biden’s favorability hadn’t nosedived after his less-than-stellar performance.

Biden himself made a humble pie tour, admitting his lackluster night while speaking in North Carolina. Apparently, he’s now playing the age card, acknowledging that he doesn’t speak or walk as smoothly as he used to—how comforting for those holding out hope for four more years of steady leadership. On Saturday, he was out in the Hamptons hitting up wealthy donors, quipping that neither he nor Trump had a great night—as if that levels the playing field at all.

The spectacle leaves one wondering just how long the DNC can keep up the charade, while the American public, and even its own members, are left wondering who’s really leading their party.

Written by Staff Reports

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