Top Democrat Raskin Doubts Biden’s Ability to Challenge Trump

Rep. Jamie Raskin, one of the Democrats’ most vociferous cheerleaders for President Joe Biden, found himself in a bit of a pickle Sunday. It seems even the staunchest Dems can’t ignore the elephant in the room – or rather, the stumbling, bumbling donkey on stage. Raskin conceded that the Democratic camp is seriously mulling over whether Sleepy Joe is the guy to take on Trump, especially after his disastrous performance in the first presidential debate where he was all but steamrolled by Trump.

Raskin’s introspective moment marks a significant departure from the usual chorus of Democrats dutifully circling the wagons around Biden. Typically, Democrats have begrudgingly admitted that Biden was having a “bad hair day,” while stopping well short of suggesting he hang up his hat for good. Raskin’s candor on MSNBC signaled that the internal discussions are far more fraught than previously let on.

The Maryland congressman tried to strike a reassuring note, which came off more like whistling past the graveyard. He claimed the party would be united no matter what Biden decides. Whether he continues as the Democratic standard-bearer or gracefully takes the cue to exit stage left, Raskin insists Biden will remain the focal point of party strategy – which, let’s be honest, sounds like a comforting bedtime story for panicked Dems worried about circling the drain in 2024.

Earlier this year, Raskin was all about riding the Biden bandwagon, defending Joe against what he called “cheap shots” about his age and mental fitness. This was after a 400-page report by special counsel Robert Hur described Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory,” at which point, many wondered if the Democratic standard-bearer was more apt to forget what office he was running for. Back then, Raskin derided critics as desperate, distracting from Trump’s daily antics. 


It’s almost comical how quickly the narrative shifts. Not to be outdone, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, another loyal soldier in the Democratic ranks, doubled down on the belief in Biden’s supposed resilience. Calling the debate performance “underwhelming” was a master class in understatement. Jeffries contended it was merely a setup for a grand comeback – classic political spin, desperately trying to turn a train wreck into a triumph.

While the Democrats scramble to either rebrand or replace Biden, one thing’s for sure: The cracks in the facade are growing wider, and their frantic attempts to patch them up are becoming increasingly transparent. Biden’s age and competency are no longer whispered rumors but open topics of debate – even among his own ranks. Conservatives can sit back and watch as the left scrambles to avoid the inevitable implosion of the Biden candidacy.

Written by Staff Reports

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