Poll Shows Trump Leading Biden as Election Approaches

The latest poll data shows that former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden by a significant margin in the upcoming November election, according to a recent CNN survey. In the two-way race between Trump and Biden, the poll indicates that Trump is polling at 49% while Biden is lagging behind at 43%. When additional independent candidates are included, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Jill Stein, and Cornel West, Trump’s lead expands even further: 42% for Trump, 33% for Biden, 16% for Kennedy, 4% for West, and 3% for Stein. 


The poll also reveals a stark contrast in public perception of the two presidents’ success. A majority of those surveyed, 55%, consider Trump’s presidency to be a success, while only 39% believe the same for Biden. The numbers from the January 2021 poll, taken just before the end of Trump’s presidency, showed a complete reversal, with 55% of respondents then considering Trump’s presidency a failure.

Republicans are notably more united in their favorable views of Trump’s presidency compared to Democrats’ views of Biden’s presidency. Ninety-two percent of Republicans polled labeled Trump’s time in office as a success, whereas 73% of Democrats deemed Biden’s presidency successful. A notable 14% of respondents see both presidencies as failures, while 8% view both as successful.

Furthermore, the overall public perceptions of both Biden and Trump are predominantly negative, with 58% having an unfavorable view of Biden and 55% holding an unfavorable view of Trump. Additionally, more than half of the surveyed voters express an unwavering opposition to either candidate, with 52% stating there is “no chance” they would support Biden and 47% saying the same about supporting Trump on Election Day.

Notably, there appears to be a widespread lack of understanding across party lines. Sixty-six percent of those not supporting Biden express an inability to comprehend why anyone would support him, and 63% of those not supporting Trump share a similar sentiment regarding his supporters.

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