Trump Criticizes Biden, Urges End to Campus Protests Amid Middle East Turmoil

As the presidential candidate for the upcoming election, Donald Trump has voiced his opinions concerning the ongoing unrest in the Middle East that has been fostered by President Joe Biden’s perceived weakness. Trump took to the Truth Social media platform to share a simple yet effective piece of advice for the turmoil plaguing elite campuses across the nation – “STOP THE PROTESTS NOW!!!” 


The protests and demonstrations happening in higher education institutions have drawn attention to the apparent rise of anti-Semitism, with keffiyeh-clad campus activists chanting “from the river to the sea.” Trump emphasized the need for strength in addressing the discontent that has plagued the American left since the vicious attack on Israel on October 7, resulting in the slaughter of approximately 1,200 innocent individuals by Hamas militants based in Gaza.

The ongoing hostilities in the Middle East have seen Israel responding to force with overwhelming force and facing attacks from Iranian soil. Despite the clear identity of the aggressors, many leaders of the nation’s left, including members of Congress, have seemingly taken the side of Hamas. Trump pointed out the unknown fate of the hostages and suggested that the attacks on Israel would not have occurred if he were still in office.

During his presidency, the United States took significant steps in the Middle East, including relocating the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and establishing relations with Muslim countries such as Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates. However, these achievements have seemingly diminished under the current administration, ultimately affecting peace in the region.

Furthermore, the Trump administration’s foreign policy was characterized by “peace through strength,” as demonstrated by the US military’s efficient actions against the Islamic State group and its focus on trade wars with international adversaries. Trump’s call to “STOP THE PROTESTS NOW!!!” reflects the need for strength and leadership to address the turmoil in higher education institutions.

Despite the right to protest and make their feelings known, radical demonstrators do not have the right to terrorize campuses and their fellow students. The lack of action from the leaders of American colleges and universities is a cause for concern, as they possess the means, moral, and legal rights to address the situation. The call for an end to the protests may be simplistic, but it requires the will of leaders in higher education to take action and fulfill their responsibilities.

As the upcoming election draws near, the importance of unity and vigilance in upholding the principles of democracy is evident. The Western Journal is dedicated to exposing media falsehoods and corruption, but their efforts require support to continue the fight for the future of the nation in 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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