Pollster Testifies In Kari Lake Election Trial: “Definitely impacted the outcome”

Richard Baris, a pollster, testified on the second day of the Kari Lake trial that the issues with the voting machines in Arizona's Maricopa County significantly impacted the state's midterm election results.

Kari Lake, the Republican candidate, claimed that if the voting equipment had not malfunctioned on Election Day, she would have beaten Katie Hobbs, the Democrat.
Judge Peter Thompson dismissed most of the claims made by Kari Lake in her lawsuit against the county. He allowed only her allegations that an employee of the county interfered with the ballot-on demand printers.

Thompson noted that, under the law, Lake would have to prove that the malfunctions caused by the employee directly led to the loss of votes.
According to Lake's lawyers, a review of the random ballots showed that 48 out of the 113 were produced on a 20-inch paper, which led to their rejection.

Clay Parikh, a witness for the Lake campaign, said that the ballots looked like they were produced by someone who had altered the settings of the printers.

In his testimony, Baris, who is the director of the Big Data Poll, said that the issues with the machines on Election Day had a disproportionately large impact on the Republican voters.
According to the pollster, many people were discouraged from voting due to the long lines that were reported in the media and on social media.

Despite the difficulties experienced by the voters, the pollster noted that the average Joe doesn't have time to wait in line to cast his or her ballot. He noted that the issues with the balloting machines could have affected the outcome of the election for the Republicans. He said that given the number of voters who were affected by the problems, the margin of victory could be in doubt.

In his opinion, the problems with the machines could have changed the results of the election. He noted that the malfunction could have affected the number of votes that the Republicans would receive.

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