Hunter Biden Braces For GOP Investigations With Kushner Lawyer

Hunter Biden has hired a prominent lawyer to represent him as he prepares for multiple investigations that are expected to happen once Republicans take over the House next year. One of the lawyers who will be handling his case is a former aide to Jared Kushner.

According to Kevin Morris, who is one of the lawyers for President Donald Trump's son, Biden has hired Abbe Lowell. He is a well-known lawyer who previously represented Jared Kushner in Congress. Lowell is also expected to play a role in the investigations into the alleged ties between the Russians and the Trump campaign.

"According to Morris, Lowell is a well-known lawyer who has represented prominent individuals in various investigations, including those conducted by the Department of Justice. He will also be handling Biden's strategic advice."

Over the years, Lowell has represented various prominent individuals in the District of Columbia. He has also handled high-profile cases for clients from both parties.

The hiring of Abbe Lowell comes as Biden is likely to be the focus of multiple investigations in the next two years as the Republicans take over the House in January. The former vice president's business dealings have been a major issue for the Republican Party, which started to take notice during the 2020 presidential election.

For months, the House committee has been looking into Hunter Biden's case, especially after they were able to obtain a copy of his computer hard drive. The hard drive was reportedly of interest due to its risque content.

The FBI was able to take possession of the computer hardware in April 2019 after its owner, who was believed to be Biden, failed to return.

The investigation into Biden's financial activities has been focused on his business dealings, which were linked to countries such as Russia, China, and Ukraine. The son of the president has maintained that the laptop belonged him.

In 2020, Joe Biden's campaign stated that the former vice president had never been involved in any overseas business. He also denied allegations of wrongdoing.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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