Trump Claims It Was His Decision For Ivanka To Sit Out 2024

After months of not attending to her father's announcement that he would be seeking the presidency a second time, Donald Trump revealed that he actually asked his daughter, and his son-in-law, Jared, to stay out of the campaign.

In a statement released on November 15, Trump's daughter, who was a senior adviser during her father's term, said that she would not be participating in the campaign.

In response to the false reports about his daughter and son-in-law's participation in the campaign, Trump stated that he had not asked them to join the team. He said that he had asked them to avoid getting involved in the "very nasty and mean" political environment.

In response to the allegations, "Trump stated that he had asked them to refrain from participating in the campaign. He said that they should not be subjected to this type of "ride." He also claimed that he had gotten millions of more votes after running for president twice."

In November, the New York Post reported that Trump had asked both his daughter, and son-in law, Jared, to join the campaign while they were at Tiffany Trump's wedding.

According to the Post, Trump wanted to convince his daughter to campaign for him this weekend. An individual claimed that she had been the most requested speaker during his last run for office.

Although Trump has made efforts to convince them to join the campaign, Trump's daughter and son-in law are still refusing to participate. They reportedly don't want to go back to Washington and expose themselves to another negative campaign.

For her part, Ivanka was clear as to why she was not joining the campaign.

"According to The Daily Wire, which reported on her statement in November, she was unwilling to get involved in politics due to her desire to spend more time with her family and her young children."

"In her statement, she thanked her father for his service to the country and said that she would continue to support him "outside of the political arena."

In her statement, she also stated that she remained close to her father. She additionally said that she would continue supporting him outside of the political arena.

In her statement, she thanked her father for his service to the country and said that she would continue to support him "outside of the political arena." She also stated that she was enjoying her life in the private sector.

During her interview, she talked about her three children, Theodore, Joseph, and Arabella, who were at "critical" moments. She said she wanted to be there to celebrate these moments with them.

When asked about her family's current situation, she said that they were happy and that they would continue supporting her father.

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