President Confirms: Hunter Biden’s Love Child Now In Official Family Tree!

It was a shocking announcement: After years of insisting that he had only six grandkids, US President Joe Biden revealed last week that he has seven grandkids. The president made the revelation in a statement released to People magazine about his daughter, Navy Joan, who was four. This is a significant change in his stance, as he had always insisted that he had six grandkids.

In a statement, the president said that the situation was personal and that the family would handle it in a way that was best for Navy and Hunter. He also stated that the two of them were working together to protect their daughter's privacy. The First Lady and Biden wished Navy and all of their grandchildren the best.

The revelation about the president's seventh grandchild has caused controversy. Hunter Biden, the president's son, fought against the Navy over using the Biden surname. Also, it was reported that Jill Biden did not decorate the White House Christmas tree, even though stockings were provided for the family pets. Jonathan Turley, a legal scholar, wrote an op-ed about the president's behavior.

According to Turley, Biden's statement about Navy Joan might have been motivated by the backlash, especially from Democrats who find it inappropriate. He also criticized the president for not being more involved in his granddaughter's life. Moreover, he empathized with how Biden was unable to share anecdotes about his daughter due to their non-existent relationship.

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