Prof Fired for Teaching Basic Biology: Shock Claim!

Dr. Johnson Varkey, a biology professor at St. Philip's College, was fired on July 3, 2023, because he taught his students about the basic facts of biological sex. A law company that works for Dr. Varkey says that he was fired because he taught that a person's biological sex is determined by their X and Y genes. This was said while he was teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology, a class he had been teaching for 20 years with no problems or complaints.

The event happened when four of Dr. Varkey's students left his class after he said that chromosomes X and Y decide sex. Even though the college wouldn't say anything about the "complaints" against Dr. Varkey, it is likely that these students were behind them.

Dr. Varkey then got a letter telling him he was fired because his "classroom behavior while facilitating in an official teaching capacity" was "found to be unacceptable." It said that people had complained about his "religious preaching, offensive comments about gays and transgender people, anti-abortion rhetoric, and misogynistic banter." But Dr. Varkey says that he has never taught based on his own faith beliefs.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) weighed in on the claim and said that if the facts match the claims, it means that a public community college violated Varkey's academic freedom to decide how and when to introduce pedagogically relevant material into class and his due process rights.

The case of Dr. Johnson Varkey is another example of the battles over free speech on college campuses that are happening all over the country. Even if Dr. Varkey did give his own view, he has every right to do so under the First Amendment. Also, St. Philip's College should be held responsible if they did break the Constitution.

Dr. Johnson Varkey's case shows how important it is to protect freedom of speech on college campuses. It is very important that teachers can teach basic biology facts without worrying about getting in trouble or being shut down. It is also important that teachers have the right to a fair trial and are not punished before they have a chance to defend themselves. This case shows why free speech needs to be protected on college grounds so that students can learn without being censored or treated unfairly.

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