Laurence Tribe Fumbles Facts in Free Speech Debacle – Left’s Legal Guru Exposed!

Laurence Tribe, the left’s go-to guy for anything remotely legal, has once again shown his knack for being wrong. In the recent 303 Creative decision, Tribe couldn’t help himself from jumping into the fray and spreading his usual falsehoods. He claimed that the whole case was based on a “fiction” and labeled it a “phony controversy.” Typical Tribe.

Tribe’s main argument stems from an article in The Guardian that suggests the key document in the case may be fake. He uses this as evidence that the Supreme Court should have never even heard the case. But Tribe conveniently forgets to mention that almost no case reaches the Supreme Court without going through lower courts first. Perhaps he needs a refresher on basic legal procedures.

What Tribe fails to understand is that the state of Colorado actually stipulated to the authenticity of the online form. Even if “Stewart” didn’t fill out the form or wasn’t gay, that doesn’t change the fact that the state acknowledged the form as real. But Tribe loves to twist the narrative to fit his agenda.

The Guardian and The New Republic also joined in on the misinformation campaign, insisting that the case was built on a lie. It’s amusing how these so-called journalists can’t seem to grasp the concept of stipulated facts. The state of Colorado admitted to the authenticity of the form, and that’s the end of the story, unlike their delusional ramblings.

Even if “Stewart” now claims he never submitted the form, it’s irrelevant. The fact is, the form was stipulated as real, and that’s all that matters legally. But Tribe and his cronies can’t seem to comprehend that once a fact is stipulated, it can’t be undone. They can keep screaming into the void, but it won’t change the facts.

It’s also worth noting that the state of Colorado not only admitted the form as authentic but also stipulated that 303 Creative’s speech was “expressive.” That means it deserves strict scrutiny. Tribe conveniently ignores this inconvenient truth to continue his misguided crusade.

But in the end, Tribe’s Twitter tantrums and baseless claims mean nothing. The state of Colorado admitted the facts, the Supreme Court heard the case, and Tribe’s rhetoric went up in smoke. Perhaps he should stick to something he’s good at, like playing the part of a partisan hack. It’s a role he excels in, after all.

Written by Staff Reports

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