Psaki Defends Biden’s Decline, Targets Media: A New Low?

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, known for her unwavering loyalty to Joe Biden, recently took aim at the media for their supposed “honest reporting” on Biden’s mental decline. Psaki, clearly obsessed with deflecting attention away from the truth, accused the media of biased coverage and not attacking Donald Trump enough. It’s truly laughable to see Psaki try to downplay the significant findings of the Hur Report, which painted Biden as an elderly man with a poor memory. But hey, why focus on the serious issues when you can just blame Trump?

Psaki’s attempt to play the whataboutism card by bringing up Trump’s comments regarding Russia and NATO fell flat. Sure, Trump’s remarks may have been irresponsible and dangerous, but that doesn’t excuse Biden’s cognitive decline. Psaki seems to think that by highlighting one issue, she can conveniently sweep another under the rug. Sorry, Psaki, but the American people aren’t buying it.

Brendon Buck, former press secretary to Speaker John Boehner, called out Psaki’s attempts to defend Biden’s lack of public appearances. It’s no secret that Biden has done fewer interviews and press conferences than his predecessors, and there’s a reason for that. Buck astutely pointed out the stark contrast between the supposedly sharp Biden behind closed doors and the stumbling Biden we see whenever he steps into the public eye. It’s clear that there are decision-makers behind closed doors who see the slippage in Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Despite Psaki’s feeble attempts to downplay these concerns, the polls don’t lie. A whopping 76 percent of respondents have expressed concerns about Biden’s cognitive decline. And as the campaign progresses, it’s likely that even more voters will see this decline as disqualifying for a second term. The truth is, Biden is simply too old and mentally unfit to serve as president.

It’s truly astonishing to see Psaki’s dedication to defending Biden at all costs. It’s as if she’s blindly following a cult-like devotion to the Democrat Party. But as a constitutional conservative, it’s clear that Psaki’s tactics are nothing more than an insufferable display of partisan bias. The American people deserve to know the truth about their leaders, and it’s the media’s responsibility to hold them accountable. Let’s hope the media finally wakes up and starts reporting on the real issues at hand, rather than playing political games.

Written by Staff Reports

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