Psaki’s Double Standard: Defends Biden, Slams Trump Amid Hur Report Chaos

Jen Psaki, an MSNBC contributor and former press secretary for Vice President Joe Biden, is experiencing the repercussions of the Hur Report's explosive release. The Democrats have endured a difficult few days, and Psaki is not exactly pleased. During a recent episode of "Meet the Press," she exposed her conspicuous hypocrisy.

Concerned with the report's "unfair" depiction of Biden as a compassionate, well-intentioned elderly man with a bad memory, Psaki is outraged. According to her, greater effort ought to be devoted by the media to contesting this characterization. She believes that the purportedly "mainstream" media ought to exert additional effort to discredit Donald Trump and tote water for Joe Biden. Bias typical of liberals!

In an effort to divert attention from the incriminating report, Psaki utilized the whataboutism card to disparage Trump, the preferred target of the Democrats. Her attempts, however, were in vain. Psaki disagreed with panelist Brendon Buck's judicious suggestion that Biden address Trump's contentious remarks regarding NATO, arguing that Biden was overshadowed by Trump's media presence. Please allow me a vacation! Knowing that interviews would expose his cognitive decline, Biden conducts interviews infrequently.

Even Kristen Welker, a correspondent for NBC News, recognized the difficulty the Biden campaign faced: convincing voters otherwise. Seventy-six percent of recent survey respondents were concerned about Biden's mental fitness. People, this is not a minor fraction. There will only be an increase in the proportion of likely voters who believe Biden's cognitive decline disqualifies him from standing for re-election and serving another term of office.

The Democrats are obviously in peril. As evidence of the liberal media's desperation, Psaki attempts to deflect and minimize Biden's cognitive decline. They will do whatever it takes to safeguard their preferred candidate. The American people, however, deserve better. They merit a leader who possesses the ability to communicate effectively and make sensible decisions. The media should begin posing difficult inquiries regarding Biden's mental fitness, as this is a valid concern.

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