Biden’s Big Government Bonanza Descends on D.C. Conference!

President Joe Biden is at it again, folks! He’s off to the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference to give a big speech in Washington, D.C. What’s he got up his sleeve this time, you ask? Well, hold onto your MAGA hats, because it’s sure to be more liberal propaganda and big government overreach!

This conference is a big deal, bringing together nearly 2,000 elected and appointed county officials to yak about how federal policies are impacting local communities. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Biden is going to push his socialist agenda harder than a kid with a fidget spinner.

The conference started last week and won’t wrap up until Tuesday. These attendees have been busy little bees, buzzing around in policy sessions, rubbing elbows with members of Congress, and cozying up to federal officials. It’s like a swampy summer camp for the bureaucratic elite!

But wait, there’s more! Biden isn’t the only one spouting off at the mouth at this shindig. He’s bringing along his sidekick, Don Graves, deputy secretary of the Commerce Department, and Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-NY). It’s like a three-ring circus of liberal lunacy!

And get this, the president’s big speech is set for 11:15 a.m. Eastern time. So, grab your popcorn and a good seat, because you won’t want to miss the show. It’s bound to be a real knee-slapper, or at least a head-scratcher for those of us who prefer freedom and liberty over government handouts and regulations.

Written by Staff Reports

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