Rand Paul Refuses to Back Down: Insists on Uncovering COVID Origins!

Senator Rand Paul has been a beacon of hope in a political system that can often feel stagnant and unresponsive. This week, the Kentucky Senator vowed to hold up President Joe Biden’s nominees in Senate confirmation processes until the administration releases its documents on COVID-19.

Paul has been at the forefront of combatting COVID, Inc. After the White Coat Waste Project exposed the National Institute of Health’s illegal scheme to use taxpayer dollars for animal torture and risky gain-of-function research in foreign labs—including the one in Wuhan—Paul began applying pressure and never let up. His interrogations led to Fauci having to admit to the funding, which he initially tried to deny. This ultimately led to the lab leak theory getting out from underneath the censorship the federal government and social media companies initially applied to the discussion. The majority of people now believe the lab leak is the most likely origin of the pandemic and/or that American tax dollars may have funded the creation of the virus in that lab.

Senator Paul is determined to prove this theory once and for all. He is demanding that Biden and Co. turn over all of their documents so Americans can learn the source of a tragedy that killed millions, wiped out the economy, and cost countless people their businesses, education, and more. Paul has requested records from eight different agencies, and has received signatures from 25 Republican senators. Despite this, the Biden Administration has refused to release any information, claiming that they will not do so unless the chairman of the committee gives them their signature.

This refusal to release documents has led many to question why Democrats are so unwilling to let us see them. Could it be that they are trying to protect Fauci and his agency, who became a darling of the Left during COVID19? To allow Fauci to face accountability would mean having to take responsibility for creating a cult around him and violating the civil rights of millions of people in the process.

Senator Paul is not backing down though, and is determined to get answers. He has stated that he will block all legislation and nominations until he is given access to the documents he needs. Paul has become a champion for those who are fighting against COVID, Inc., and his efforts have been praised by many.

The COVID pandemic was one of the most devastating events of our lifetime, but Senator Rand Paul has become a force for good in this fight. He is determined to get answers and is willing to put his career on the line to do so. We can only hope that his efforts will be successful in uncovering the truth about this tragedy.

Written by Staff Reports

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