Pence Triumphs: DOJ Drops Case, Leftist Smear Campaign Fails, 2024 Bid Grows Stronger

Former Vice President Mike Pence has breathed a sigh of relief as the U.S. Department of Justice has closed the investigation of classified documents found in his home. The investigation was led by the DOJ’s “national security division.” Pence, who is reportedly set to launch his 2024 presidential campaign, can now concentrate on his campaign without any distractions from the left.

After interviewing Pence and his aides, the Justice Department concluded that “no charges will be filed,” according to a letter obtained by NBC News. The mainstream media was quick to launch defamatory attacks on Pence and Trump over this issue. However, the DOJ declined to comment on the issue, which shows their professionalism and adherence to the rule of law.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump remains at the forefront of media attention. He recently posted on Truth Social, expressing his desire to be “fully exonerated” and stating definitively that he is “at least as innocent” as the vindicated Mike Pence. Trump is innocent, but his political enemies and the mainstream media won’t stop until they have destroyed his reputation. Even today, the leftist-controlled media continue to attack the former president by asking baseless questions about the investigation.

The former Vice President has shown nothing but dedication and professionalism throughout his political career. He is a true patriot who has always put America first. Pence is the right candidate to lead the Republican Party into the future, and with this latest news, his supporters can now look forward to his campaign launch with great enthusiasm. The news about Pence proves, once again, that justice prevails, and the left needs to concede its defeat.

Written by Staff Reports

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