Rand Paul Slams Fauci: Criminal Referral Over COVID Testimony Lies!

In a shocking development, Republican Senator Rand Paul has made an “official criminal referral” to the Department of Justice for Dr. Anthony Fauci. This comes after Paul pointed to an email from February 2020 where Fauci discussed a call with British medical researcher Jeremy Farrar, expressing concerns about the origins of the virus and the possibility of intentional manipulation.

This revelation directly contradicts Fauci’s previous testimony, where he denied funding any gain-of-function research. Rand Paul called Fauci’s denials a “lie” and took to Twitter to announce the criminal referral to the DOJ.

Now, it’s important to note that lying to Congress is a federal crime, and Paul has been reminding Fauci of that fact since July 2021. Fauci has consistently denied lying before Congress or funding gain-of-function research. However, Paul has cited a journal article that credits the NIH and lists the actual grant number, which contradicts Fauci’s claims.

This latest email only adds fuel to the fire, as Rand Paul asserts that it proves Fauci’s previous testimony was “absolutely a lie.” The investigation into the origins of COVID-19 continues to be a contentious issue, with political implications. It remains to be seen what action the Department of Justice will take in response to the criminal referral.

In addition to this news, Rand Paul has also been criticizing Fauci for enjoying taxpayer-funded security detail and perks. According to documents obtained by Jesse Watters from the US Marshals Service, Fauci has been receiving a taxpayer-funded security detail since the beginning of 2023. This has led Paul to demand more information about Fauci’s employment status and the benefits he receives. The revelation of Fauci’s security detail and perks like limousine transportation has raised eyebrows and further fueled Paul’s criticism of the NIAID director.

Overall, this is yet another controversial development in the ongoing saga surrounding Dr. Anthony Fauci. With criminal referrals, accusations of lying, and questions about taxpayer-funded perks, the battle between Rand Paul and Fauci shows no signs of slowing down. Stay tuned for more updates as this story continues to unfold.

Written by Staff Reports

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