REPORT: Government Withholding Crucial Evidence in TN Shooting

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has decided to temporarily hide the release of the documents related to Audrey Hale, the Covenant School shooter, citing “pending litigation.” The manifesto indicates that Hale had planned the mass murder for months, studying other killers to execute the crime. The city official had promised to release the documents once the FBI finished its analysis, but MNPD later withdrew the documents for scrutiny, citing pending litigation. This information was released in a statement by the MNPD on their official Twitter account. Although Hale killed six people on March 27, including three children, the Durham police station has been hesitant to release the manifesto to the public.

Why is the government trying to keep this information from us? On Monday, city officials had promised to release the documents as soon as possible. It seems like they are trying to hide something and are now trying to buy time by saying that they are waiting for the FBI, or by citing “pending litigation.” Audrey Hale was a transgender that the liberal media would support, and that’s why the government is withholding information from us.

However, it is a fact that the shooter killed six innocent people, and now the government is withholding crucial evidence from the public and keeping the victims’ families waiting for justice. It seems like they are more concerned about their political reputation than the safety of the public. It is indefensible to prioritize their agenda over the truth. We need to demand transparency and hold the government accountable for failing to disclose the information related to the case.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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