RFK Jr Defies Left, GOP Backs Free Speech in Explosive Hearing

Republicans on the House Select Subcommittee have decided to let Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. be a witness for an upcoming hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Despite pleas from Democrats to disinvite him, the GOP is standing firm and allowing Kennedy to have his say.

The left is in an uproar because Kennedy recently discussed a theory about COVID-19, suggesting that the virus is “ethnically targeted” and “attacks certain races disproportionately.” Of course, any reasonable person knows this theory is preposterous. Viruses don’t discriminate based on race; they attack anyone and everyone they can get their microscopic hands on.

But leave it to the Democrats to panic at the mere mention of a controversial idea. They’re afraid that Kennedy’s presence at the hearing will legitimize his baseless claims. Well, guess what? It won’t. Just because he’s allowed to speak doesn’t mean anyone has to take him seriously.

Even though House Speaker Kevin McCarthy disagrees with everything Kennedy said, he still believes in the importance of free speech and open dialogue. McCarthy understands that censoring someone only fuels their martyrdom complex, and he’s not interested in playing into Kennedy’s hands.

And it seems that House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan feels the same way. He doesn’t agree with Kennedy on anything, not just this ridiculous theory about COVID-19. But he recognizes that this hearing is about censorship, and he’s not one to stifle someone’s voice, no matter how ludicrous their ideas may be.

So, let Kennedy have his moment in the spotlight. Let him present his harebrained ideas for all to see. Because in the end, it’s the conservative values of free speech and open debate that will prevail. And when Kennedy’s theory falls flat on its face, as it surely will, we’ll all be there to watch it happen.

Written by Staff Reports

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