Scandal Alert: Soros-Backed DA Disregards Pain of Murder Victims’ Families!

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, who is funded by billionaire George Soros, is facing a recall campaign due to her progressive and “restorative justice” policies. These policies have angered both the families of crime victims and the public. Price has been avoiding interviews with local media, which lean so far left that they are on the verge of toppling over like the San Francisco fog.

Recently, Price reluctantly agreed to an interview with reporter Betty Yu from KPIX in San Francisco. However, it quickly became clear that Price and her handler were not interested in having an honest discussion. When asked about the complaints from families of victims, Price dismissively said, “Some people are not able to actually appreciate the work that we do.” This kind of arrogance in the face of tragedy is truly astounding.

Price’s callousness towards crime victims is not new. In a previous case, a mother whose son had been murdered confronted Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon about his handling of the case. Gascon responded by calling her “uneducated.” It seems that Price has learned from Gascon’s playbook, as she has actively avoided the family of a Home Depot employee who was murdered on the job. The family said that Price never reached out to them, and it was only after their consistent outreach that a DA assigned to the case responded. The charges filed against the alleged murderer are shockingly minimal, and Price’s policy of not adding enhancements or special circumstances makes no logical sense.

During the interview, Price’s PR person interrupted and eventually cut short the conversation when the reporter brought up the case of the murdered Home Depot employee. Price refused to listen to the mother’s comments or watch a video of her speaking. Instead, Price rattled off statistics that she believes prove racial bias in the justice system, even though the Racial Justice Act does not require district attorneys to implement policies that favor perpetrators over victims. When asked if her pursuit of equity was favoring perpetrators over victims, Price denied it. However, her PR person quickly ended the interview before any more questions could be asked.

It’s clear that Price is not interested in engaging in open discussion or addressing the concerns of crime victims and their families. Her progressive agenda, funded by Soros, has gone too far and is causing harm to those who deserve justice. The recall campaign against her is long overdue, and hopefully, she will be held accountable for her actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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