Scandal Plagues Biden Family as President Defends Son’s Tax Evasion and Gun Charges

During an interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, President Joe Biden expressed his support for his son Hunter and his belief that he has not committed any wrongdoing. The president stated that he is proud of his son and has confidence in him. However, Hunter Biden is still under investigation for tax and gun-related offenses by federal prosecutors, with a decision on potential charges expected to be made soon. The investigation is being led by U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was appointed by former President Trump.

As per a 2020 Fox News report, Hunter Biden could potentially face multiple charges, including tax filing and evasion charges, as well as a false statement charge related to a gun purchase. Some individuals have accused Hunter of taking advantage of his father’s position for personal gain and avoiding taxes, claiming that this exemplifies the corruption within the Democratic party.

In the interview, Biden made a claim that he is the most qualified presidential candidate in US history, which is an exaggerated statement. When Ruhle asked why he, an 82-year-old, is the right candidate for the most important job in the world, he replied that he has gained a lot of wisdom, knows more than most people, and has more experience than any other presidential candidate in history. However, his perception of himself seems to be unrealistic, and it may be more suitable for him to pass on the responsibility to younger and more capable candidates.

Moreover, Biden tried to shift the blame for his decreasing approval rating onto negative media coverage. This attitude demonstrates a lack of accountability on his part. The media’s responsibility is to report the facts, even if they are unfavorable, and it is not their fault if the truth is negative. Instead, Biden should acknowledge his shortcomings and avoid playing the blame game. It is time for him to display leadership qualities and work towards strengthening the country.

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