Schiff Avoids Endorsing Biden, Highlights Democratic Uncertainty

It seems the Democrats are in full-blown panic mode as their 2024 presidential hopes start circling the drain. Tim Ryan, former representative from Ohio, has sounded the alarm that President Biden’s stubborn insistence on running for re-election could spell disaster for the party’s down-ballot candidates this November. On “Fox News Sunday,” Ryan suggested that a tidal wave of pressure is mounting on Biden to step aside, hinting that the party’s chances are about as stable as a snowflake in July.

Ryan wasn’t just whistling Dixie; he pointed out that dragging the albatross of Biden’s presidency could drag the rest of the party’s ship straight to the bottom. He says this is a significant concern for party leader Hakeem Jeffries, who no doubt must be sweating bullets. Donors, activists, and other members are reportedly very nervous. Sounds like a classic Democrat dilemma: how to shed Biden and his track record like a snake sheds its skin while keeping the facade that everything’s just peachy.

Ryan’s call for a Biden exit wasn’t a whisper in the wind. He’s pushing for Vice President Kamala Harris to take the lead on the ticket instead. Yes, you read that right. The same Kamala Harris who has the charisma of a soggy cereal box. Since Ryan spoke up, five sitting House Democrats have joined the chorus for Biden to get out of town. Even Senator Mark Warner from Virginia is trying to rally a squad of Democratic senators to toss Biden overboard.

Jeffries himself is scrambling to hold a virtual meeting with top Democrats, and you can bet Biden’s candidacy is on the agenda. What’s next? A séance to figure out how they got into this mess in the first place? Ryan insists that these calls for Biden to step aside are filled with nothing but love. Sure, and the Titanic sank with full hearts and plenty of warm hugs.

Healing and unity seem to be their buzzwords, with a particular belief in Kamala Harris swooping down like some political Florence Nightingale. They think she can help the country move on from the Trump-Biden saga. Good luck with that one. The reality is that the Democrats are facing an identity crisis that no amount of internal group therapy can fix. The country’s ready to move on alright, but it’s the constant flip-flopping and failed policies they’re desperate to leave behind.

Written by Staff Reports

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