Sen Cotton Accuses Biden Admin of Deliberately Delaying Arms Shipments to Israel

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) slammed the Biden administration for allegedly dragging its feet on delivering crucial arms and ammunition to Israel. Cotton, along with Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN), accused the White House of deliberately obstructing the flow of weapons to Israel, citing delays in notifying Congress about approved arms sales.

According to Cotton, the administration’s actions are not only disrespectful to a critical ally like Israel but also potentially dangerous as the Jewish state faces looming threats from Iran-backed terrorists. Cotton’s letter to the White House painted a troubling picture of bureaucratic manipulation and an apparent unwillingness to prioritize Israel’s security needs.

The accusations by Cotton and Hagerty come amidst a heated exchange between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Joe Biden over the alleged withholding of arms from Israel. Reports earlier this year had already hinted at a strained relationship between the two administrations regarding arms shipments to Israel, with Israeli officials expressing concerns about delays in receiving much-needed ammunition.

The situation has only escalated since then, with Cotton’s detailed letter to the White House shedding light on what he perceives as a deliberate effort to hinder weapons deliveries to Israel. The urgency of the matter, underscored by the looming threat posed by Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon, adds a sense of gravity to the accusations leveled by Cotton and Hagerty.

As tensions continue to simmer between the U.S. and Israel on this issue, Cotton’s demand for transparency and accountability from the White House underscores the importance of maintaining strong partnerships with allies like Israel in the face of shared security challenges.

Written by Staff Reports

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