Sen. Josh Hawley Calls to PROSECUTE Clinton Campaign and Overhaul Corrupt FBI

Senator Hawley voiced his concerns about the Durham Report during a Monday appearance on Jesse Waters' show. The conservative Republican called for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and the members of her campaign team following the release of the report.

During an interview, Hawley noted that there is a connection between the statements made by Clinton regarding collusion and the actions of her campaign, which are allegedly involved in disseminating false information to the FBI. He believes that individuals should be prosecuted for this matter. Clinton's tweets about collusion come just as her campaign operatives are allegedly feeding the FBI with misleading information.

The way the FBI handled the investigation into the Trump campaign was unjustified, and it should be thoroughly examined. Americans have become used to hearing about deception, especially among those who are against the country's exceptionalism. The investigation conducted by Special Counsel John Durham has revealed that the FBI and the Department of Justice have failed to follow the law.

Hawley claims that the FBI has become corrupt, and its leadership has become tainted with corruption. He believes that the entire agency should be overhauled. He stated that the FBI leadership has to be changed, and the institution should be broken up.

Three former FBI officials will be testifying on Thursday, and they will reveal how the agency retaliated after they raised concerns. They will claim that the FBI manipulated data related to domestic violent extremism in order to align itself with the administration's political narrative.

Despite his concerns about the FBI's leadership, the senator still respects the work of the agency's agents. He noted that the agency's leadership has become completely political. He claims that the people who are working for the FBI are not being served by the current leadership.

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