Sen. Kennedy Exposes DC’s Laughable Protection of Hunter Biden

In a refreshingly hilarious fashion, Senator John Kennedy hilariously takes aim at the DC establishment for protecting Hunter Biden. And let’s be honest, folks, it’s about time someone did!

We all know the story – Hunter Biden gets a sweetheart plea deal that lets him off the hook without any jail time. Meanwhile, if the average citizen committed the same crimes, DOJ protocol would have them serving years behind bars. Where’s the justice in that?

But wait, there’s more! Kennedy points out that it’s not just federal law enforcement that seems to be in on the corruption, but the entire Washington, DC, establishment is bending over backward to convince us that Hunter Biden is a stand-up guy.

Now, folks, you know I’m from the South, and let me tell you, the elderly folks down here have a remarkable way of delivering a message. These grandpas have a Rolodex of quips and insults ready to go at a moment’s notice. And Senator Kennedy is no exception – he’s been delivering these zingers for a long time, and we are lucky to have him.

While Kennedy is a bit more forgiving when it comes to whether Hunter Biden committed a crime with his foreign dealings, let me tell you, I’m not. But hey, that’s because I don’t have to worry about being a senator who needs to be careful with their words. I can freely speculate within reason, and my speculation leads me to believe that Hunter Biden is up to no good.

But it’s not just the DOJ that’s defending Hunter Biden. The national press is doing their part too, spinning the narrative that Hunter is just a troubled teenager. Give me a break! The guy is in his 50s and still mooching off taxpayers by staying at the White House and attending state dinners. Talk about entitlement!

And let’s not forget about the Bidens as a whole. They are the epitome of degenerate, elitist villainy. From Hunter denying his own last name to his daughter out of spite to the constant shady business dealings, this family is just plain bad news. But you know what? The DC establishment can try all they want to cover it up, but us conservative folks see right through their charade.

It’s time to hold the Bidens accountable and expose the corruption that’s been allowed to run rampant in our nation’s capital. Kudos to Senator John Kennedy for once again speaking the truth and shining a light on the dark corners of the establishment. Keep fighting the good fight, Senator!

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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