Operation Cover-Up: CDC Buries ‘COVID Vaccine’ as Death Cause!

Accusations have emerged against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with an anonymous whistleblower claiming that they altered the cause of death on several Minnesota death certificates initially recorded as "COVID vaccine." This shocking development is now casting a shadow on the credibility of the CDC's data and its potential role in influencing public narrative.

This anonymous source, concealing their identity for personal safety, managed to access a full collection of Minnesota's death certificates since 2015. According to their findings, the CDC applies an International Classification of Diseases (ICD 10) code after local medical examiners have listed the cause or causes of death on the certificates. This coding system is employed to record a vast spectrum of death causes, from accidents involving ice-skating or skiing to peculiar incidents like a drunk individual attempting to kiss a barracuda.

The intriguing part lies in the fact that while the medical examiner provides a textual description of the cause of death, the assignment of the ICD 10 codes is solely under the CDC's purview. They rely on a proprietary algorithm for this task, but when it fails, CDC staff intervene to allocate the ICD code manually. This process is seemingly flawed, allowing the CDC to have full control over determining causes of death, much like an ill-conceived game show.

But how does this link to the COVID vaccine? Two codes are particularly noteworthy – T88.1, denoting "Other complications following immunization, not elsewhere classified" and Y59.0, signifying "Viral vaccines." These codes assist in the detection and monitoring of any adverse effects or complications resulting from vaccines. This information is invaluable, particularly for understanding the safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines.

The surprising detail, however, is that the whistleblower claims the CDC removed or declined to append these specific ICD codes to Minnesota death certificates that pointed towards the COVID vaccine as the cause of death. The whistleblower asserts that the CDC had manipulated "nearly all death certificates that mention the COVID vaccine as a cause of death," which is tantamount to data manipulation.

The prospect of public officials twisting narratives and stifling dissent is worrying, especially concerning a contentious topic like vaccines. This behavior on the part of the CDC stirs serious questions about their aptitude and reliability as guardians of our country's epidemiological data.

The CDC is responsible for maintaining a multitude of datasets essential for different fields of research. If they are prepared to deceitfully modify data or are unable to prevent its corruption, then all data under their stewardship is under suspicion. This potentially has profound repercussions, especially in matters with political or social implications. We are entitled to expect more from our public health officials, and the CDC must be held responsible for their actions.

In summary, the alleged interference of the CDC in death certificates to erase the COVID vaccine as the cause of death is cause for alarm. It underscores the necessity for honesty and transparency in our public health institutions. This matter deserves attention as it challenges the authenticity of the CDC's data and their capacity to carry out their responsibilities as custodians of our national health. We must insist on accountability and ensure truth emerges victorious, irrespective of the dominant narrative.

Written by Staff Reports

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