Senate Pro Tempore Murray Doubts Biden Can Match Trump in 2024 Election

Senate President Pro Tempore Patty Murray is tiptoeing around the elephant in the room, hinting ever so gently that the current Commander-in-Chief might not have the stamina or the charisma to outshine former President Donald Trump come November. It seems even the Democrats are starting to panic.

The Washington Democrat, who has been part of the Senate establishment since 1993, has stated that President Biden needs to step up his game if he has any hopes of defeating Trump. After a week has passed since that lackluster debate, Murray relayed that her constituents are far from convinced by Biden’s current performance. She has hinted that Biden’s campaign needs a drastic uptick in energy and impact to even dream of securing another term.

With over two decades of Senate experience and currently third in line for the presidency, Murray did try to soften her critique. She expressed a so-called deep respect for Biden, sugarcoating his term as “historic” and offering empty platitudes. But make no mistake, her main message was clear: Biden better wake up and seize some energy drinks if he wants any chance against the “Make America Great Again” architect.

Murray is not alone in her assessment. She joins a growing chorus of disaffected Democrats dishing out critiques since Biden’s wobbly debate performance in Georgia. Six House Democrats have already thrown in the towel on Biden, suggesting that someone else—anyone else—should take the reins for the Democratic ticket. While no other Senate Democrats have reached that level of explicitness yet, Murray’s raised eyebrows are hard to miss. 


She insists there’s a golden opportunity to prosecute a case against Trump, emphasizing the American people’s supposedly dire need to comprehend the so-called threats of a second Trump presidency. However, Murray also stresses the importance of Biden, or whoever the Democrats decide to throw into the ring, them having a compelling narrative about their own achievements and plans. Good luck finding one of those, considering the current state of affairs.

Team Biden remains stubbornly adamant, trumpeting that the Democratic nomination process is all but locked in their favor. Sounds a lot like whistling past the graveyard to those who are keeping score at home.

The American populace is watching and waiting. They’ve heard Murray’s dog whistles and know that the clock is ticking on President Biden’s campaign—time he might not have to turn things around. And if he can’t, it looks like the Democrats will be stuck with a losing hand while Trump continues his march back to the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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