Democrats Grapple with Dissent as Calls for Biden to Step Aside Grow

The Democratic Party is facing a potential meltdown as congressional Democrats hold their first meeting since Joe Biden’s latest debate disaster. After bumbling through sentences and failing to land any punches on former President Donald Trump, Biden is back in the hot seat, squirming under the spotlight of his own party’s growing dissatisfaction.

With lawmakers back from a two-week hiatus and ready to hold Biden accountable, Monday saw Democratic leaders in the House and Senate rally behind the president. Yet, the cracks are showing. Another House Democrat has now joined the call for Biden to step aside, making it six in total. Despite the public displays of loyalty, the discontent among rank-and-file Democrats is palpable, with concerns about Biden’s competency reaching a fever pitch.

For two weeks, Democrats have swapped gripes and grievances over their phones, avoiding any significant moves against the president. However, there’s a sense of trepidation this Tuesday as House Democrats gather at the Democratic National Committee, where phones are strictly banned to prevent leaks. Senate Democrats will have their own powwow over lunch, where Biden’s name will undoubtedly be a hot topic.

Senator Tina Smith has voiced the worries shared by many Democrats, making it clear that folks back home in Minnesota aren’t thrilled. There’s a robust discussion brewing within the party about the future, with some Democrats growing tired of waiting for Biden to step up or step aside.

Biden continues to cling to the semblance of support, with House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sticking by him. But some senior Democrats are far from convinced. Senator Patty Murray expressed the pressing need for Biden to demonstrate more vigor and drive in his re-election campaign.

In an attempt to shore up confidence, Biden has been making rounds at campaign events and talking to friendly media outlets. However, these highly scripted appearances aren’t fooling anyone. His delayed outreach to important allies like Schumer and Jeffries has added to the suspicion that Biden is not fully engaged with the concerns of his own party.

The quiet mutiny within the Democratic ranks could soon become much noisier. Strategists and lawmakers are eager to discuss their issues privately, but anonymous comments to the press hint at the depth of their unease. Representative Pramila Jayapal acknowledges that Biden remains the nominee for now, but points out the risk of Democrats doing Republicans’ dirty work by openly criticizing him. 


House and Senate Democrats must find common ground in Tuesday’s meetings, but the risk of deepening divides looms large. Prominent allies like Representative Steven Horsford and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus continue to back Biden, but even their support seems shaky.

With some senior Democrats voicing their preference for Biden to step aside, the president is scrambling to consolidate what backing he still has. Virtual meetings, such as one with the Congressional Black Caucus on Monday night, show Biden is trying to rally allies.

Senator Chris Coons intends to emphasize Biden’s achievements at the Senate lunch meeting, hoping to turn the tide of discontent. However, it’s clear that Biden’s presidency is at a crossroads, and the whispers of disapproval among Democrats could soon turn into an outright call for new leadership.

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