Biden Opposes Bill Requiring Citizenship Proof for Voting

The Biden administration has once again chosen to ignore the interests of everyday Americans by opposing a common-sense bill that demands proof of citizenship for voting. The Office of Management and Budget, echoing the President’s disdain for electoral integrity, claims that requiring proof of citizenship does “nothing to safeguard our elections.” Seems like securing the vote isn’t high on their priority list.

HR 8281, the brainchild of U.S. Rep. Chip Roy from Texas, aims to ensure that only American citizens have the privilege to vote in elections. But predictably, the administration is up in arms against it, arguing that it’s already illegal for noncitizens to vote in federal elections. Thanks, Captain Obvious, but a law isn’t much good if it’s not enforced, something this administration seems well-versed in.

As expected, the bill has garnered enthusiastic support from Republicans. North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, a co-sponsor of the bill, hit the nail on the head by questioning why the left is so vehemently against proving citizenship. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out their ulterior motives. Meanwhile, the bill is looking to get a vote in the House this week, championed by House Speaker Mike Johnson and his fellow GOP members.

Biden’s refusal to see the necessity of this legislation is baffling. Are American elections really open to anyone who can sneak across the border? According to the Democrats, it seems so. The House Judiciary GOP rightfully called out the White House’s lunacy by saying only American citizens should vote in American elections—a concept apparently lost on this administration. 


Rep. Roy didn’t mince words either, saying he’s honored to be a target of the White House and calling out the administration’s lack of interest in safeguarding citizens’ voting rights. Meanwhile, House Minority Whip Katherine Clark is rallying Democrats to vote against the bill. It’s almost like they’re scared of fair and secure elections.

While the bill is likely to pass in the GOP-controlled House, it faces a more challenging path in the Senate. With Democrats and four independents holding the majority, the road ahead is tough. Nonetheless, the determination to protect the sanctity of American elections is not something Republicans are willing to abandon. One would think everyone could agree that voting is a privilege reserved for citizens. Guess not.

Written by Staff Reports

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