Sesame Street Gone Rogue: Pushes LGBTQ Agenda on Innocent Tots!

Left-wing indoctrination seems to have seeped into the iconic children’s TV show “Sesame Street,” which has now pushed LGBTQ ideology onto its young viewers in celebration of the insidious “pride month.”

Despite “Sesame Street” being aimed towards young children from ages 2 to 5, the show continues to promote sexual activities and gender-based ideology. The show tweeted various posts supporting “pride month,” featuring “queer” actress Ariana DeBose in a video celebrating LGBTQIA+ communities. In the video, Elmo and DeBose, both of whom ought to be positive role models for young children, said that they want to “uplift and celebrate” these lifestyles, which go completely against traditional family values.

Many parents have expressed concern over the sexualization of children’s TV shows and their impact on young minds. They ask, why can’t tiny tots enjoy their innocence and carefree stage in life without being subjected to the adult themes of sexuality and gender?

Senator Ted Cruz has previously criticized the popular show for its attempts to indoctrinate young children on issues not suited for their age group, such as COVID and Critical Race Theory. Furthermore, the series has introduced same-sex couples, cross-dressing actors, and teaching kids to be “anti-racist” at just two years old – all attempts to force leftist ideology on impressionable young minds.

It’s sad to see that “Sesame Street” has lost its core values, which were centered on values and morals, and has now descended into promoting an agenda that divides families and communities. Conservatives must condemn such propaganda and speak out against this brainwashing of America’s youngest generations.

Written by Staff Reports

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