Tragic Plane Crash Devastates Top Trump Donor’s Family: What Happened?

In a tragic and devastating incident, the family of a prominent Trump donor suffered a great loss on Sunday. John Rumpel’s whole family was on board the Cessna Citation when it crashed close to Montebello, Virginia. His daughter, Adina Azarian, 49, his 2-year-old granddaughter, and her nanny lost their lives in the crash. The Trump donor’s 19-year-old daughter also passed in a scuba diving accident before the plane crash. Our hearts go out to John Rumpel and his family during this difficult time.

Federal records cited by The Daily Beast reported that the private jet was owned by Encore Motors of Melbourne, Florida, which Rumpel and his wife owned. Upon flying over restricted airspace in Washington, D.C., the private jet was intercepted by two F-16 jets and six jets scrambled in response to the incursion, but only two inspected the private jet. The sonic boom caused by the scrambling fighters startled residents across the District, Maryland, and Virginia around 3:10 p.m. The jets deployed flares in an attempt to get the attention of the unresponsive Cessna’s pilot, who appeared to have lost consciousness after becoming incapacitated.

It is worth mentioning that the jet was flying on autopilot, and federal officials confirmed that it was not shot down. If the plane had lost cabin pressure, “they all just would have gone to sleep and never woke up,” remarked Rumpel. The jet appeared to have crashed primarily due to a lack of response from the pilot.

In this terrible tragedy, it is essential to not overlook Rumpel’s history. He has donated to high-profile Republican candidates, including former President Donald Trump and numerous state Republican parties, according to Open Secrets. It is clear that this incident impacts not only Rumpel’s family members but also the Republican party as a whole. Let us remember this tragedy, and may we all work towards a better and safer future for private aviation.

Written by Staff Reports

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