Shannon Sharpe Defends the Elite, Illustrating Their Willingness to Inflict Pain on Average Americans to Keep Trump Out

Over the course of the last year, inflation reached a level that is higher than it has been in the preceding four decades. Gas prices have reached new all-time highs, breaking previous records. Economists at Bloomberg believe that in order for the typical American family to continue purchasing the same products and services as they did the previous year, an additional annual expenditure of $5,200 will be required. This comes out to a total cost of $433 per month for the same products or services as the previous year. This is a number that will break many people, particularly if they were already having difficulty making ends meet.

However, what we have heard from the administration of Vice President Joe Biden has not been helpful. We’ve heard some crazy proposals, like attempting to pin the blame on Vladimir Putin and asking people not to take into account the cost of meat as well as encouraging them to buy pricey electric automobiles.

Even CNN made fun of the Biden campaign’s effort to pin the blame on Putin by referring to the event as a “Putin Price Hike.” The only effect that this stupid propaganda has is to make Americans feel even more angry and to strengthen their conviction that they are unconcerned about the issue.

How much do those in positions of power in the liberal elite care about the average American? Shannon Sharpe, an analyst for Fox Sports and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, provided a response in the form of a baffling tweet.

In response to a query regarding whether or not he still despises President Donald Trump in the wake of the tragedy that Joe Biden brought upon the United States, Sharpe said the following: “I hope that this helps address your question.

Because of his $14 million net worth, he is able to purchase gas that costs $20 per gallon. It makes no difference to him whether the vast majority of Americans suffer severe consequences as a result. Do you have any idea how this might make people feel? I am able to, whereas Sharpe is unable to. It makes no difference whether he despises Donald Trump.

I am aware that President Trump despises me. It was a miserable existence even when there was peace, a relatively low unemployment rate, and a robust economy. It was a terrible thing! The irony in Sharpe’s statement regarding the price of gasoline is that if it were $20 per gallon at a pump, people would rush to the polls to vote for Trump. Sharpe’s comment was made in reference to the price of fuel. This is due to the fact that they want freedom and prosperity under Trump’s administration and want Biden out of their life.

As things stand, the ineptitude of Vice President Joe Biden will lead to a loss for the Democrats in the next midterm elections. If nothing changes, the polls show that Trump will handily win the election of 2024 against both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

Because to his nonsensical tweet, Sharpe was completely destroyed.

Sadly, the most of us do not have the same level of riches as Sharpe. We can see how much damage Joe Biden has caused to our nation and how much better Donald Trump will be for it.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Public Integrity Forum.

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