Why is President Biden Briefing the Troops on the Situation in Ukraine?

On Friday, former Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Warsaw, Poland, to meet with members of the 82nd Airborne Division. It was nothing more than a staged photograph. An effort was made by the purported president to create the impression that he was relaxed and approachable when he met the service members, offered to clip their hair, and ate pizza with them in the canteen. He told the soldiers that they were the “best fighting force in history,” and he hinted that they would soon be participating in the battle that would go down as the biggest conflict in human history. Old Joe started to tell them what he would see once they arrived in Ukraine and he was quite excited.

When speaking to the service members, Biden told them, “And you’re going to see when you get there, uh– uh– some of you have been there. You’re going to see young women standing in the middle of tanks, just saying ‘I’m no leavin’. They are amazing.”

Wait a minute. What exactly is the purpose of having American soldiers observe anything in Ukraine? If American military were to invade Ukraine, there is no question in anyone’s mind that Vladimir Putin would proclaim the United States to be a participant in the war against Ukraine. After that, we would enter into World War III. On February 24th, President Biden offered his reassurances to us that it wouldn’t come to pass. 

On February 22nd, he was unequivocal in his statement that “We do not intend to fight Russia.”  Despite this, we want to make it quite clear that the United States and its partners will defend every square inch of NATO territory.

It’s possible that the news took Kamala Harris by surprise, but Ukraine is not a member of NATO. Our duties as members of NATO do not include the responsibility to protect Ukraine against assaults by Russia. It is important to keep in mind that Joe Biden has a long history of lying, dating all the way back to when he was in law school. Old Joe argues that the United States does not plan to confront Russia.

Biden has a long history of lying about his background, and he has gotten himself into some really embarrassing situations as a result of his dishonesty. He maintained for many years that his first wife, Neilia, perished in an auto accident that was brought on by his drunken driving. The reality was that Neilia had caused the accident by driving directly into the path of the vehicle. Several times, Biden expressed his regret to the driver’s daughter for spreading false information about her father. After then, the falsehoods he said in public led to his falling into a severe depression. Biden, of course, never offered an apology for his actions. When it was discovered that Joe Biden had plagiarized parts of his speeches from an English politician named Neil Kinnock, he was forced to suspend his bid for the presidency in 1988.

People who took Biden’s statement that we didn’t intend to fight Russia as a sign that we would soon find ourselves in a world conflict were not just being ridiculous. Biden is so dishonest, deeply and thoroughly, that people who took his statement as a sign that we would soon find ourselves in a world conflict were not just being ridiculous. What else could he possibly have meant by his confused babbling about the courageous Ukrainians he would meet “when you get there?”  Are there any bravery training exercises planned for the American forces that will take place in Ukraine? There’s also a chance that they’re there for spring break. If American forces were to invade Ukraine, we would very probably be at war with Russia.

Joe Biden would be very naive to start a conflict with Russia at this time. Vladimir Putin may be a wicked and scary man, but Biden would be making a terrible mistake. His progressive military has been harassing soldiers with Critical Race Theory propaganda and gender identity nonsense as they search for “insurrectionists” and “white supremacists.” The time that is spent on this agitprop could and should be spent educating military troops, but instead that time is being wasted. Even though Putin’s troops did an outstanding job in Ukraine, Old Joe can’t be sure that our modern military would be able to hold its own against the Russians if it flies into Ukraine on its high heels. This is because Putin’s soldiers performed so well in Ukraine. Is he really interested in the information?

The speech that Biden gave to the 82nd Airborne was risky and hazardous because of its rambling nature. We can only hope that his managers will be able to get a grip on the situation and take action before he causes us any more problems with his America-Last system.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Public Integrity Forum.

Written by Staff Reports

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